A guide to payment gateways

A guide to payment gateways

In today’s world, it can be seen that a number of people make use of the latest technology. It is due to the presence of such technology that several online transactions are being done quite quickly. Through such transaction methods, a person remains safe from all sorts of additional stress and worries too. 

Still, many people face some difficulties like fraud cases associated with several online stores. A person can relax when they make use of payment gateway in UAE. Yes, this is true because it is one of the top e-commerce software. It helps authorize payments for a number of online merchants, mortar businesses, and even electronic businesses. In the same way, one can also make use of a pos machine. Due to its unlimited benefits, many people are seen checking for pos machine price in Dubai too. 

Now, the payment gateway easily connects to an e-commerce payment processor. Like it will seamlessly connect you to online banking or even “credit cards” processing networks. In short, payment gateway has always been acting as an active third-party between customers and merchants too. The money is easily taken from a particular customer, and then it gets deposited in the bank account of a specific merchant. 

Working of payment gateway

The most crucial role is being played by the payment gateway every now and then. This is true because it acts as a gateway between merchants and customers. The demand for this software has increased over time. This is true because it hides all the essential information like a person’s credit card number. Like this, a person does not need to worry about any sort of leakage of his personal data. 

If one is ordering something from an online page, then after submitting their particular order, they checkout from a specific cart. Then the order information is transferred by the merchant to the “payment gateway.” After this, a customer is seen paying by any payment method that they prefer. Then this particular transaction is routed directly to a specific issuing bank. 

When all sorts of authentications are done, then a specific transaction is either declined or it is authorized. Then a message is sent by the payment gateway to that merchant. The money is first settled between the payment gateway and the bank. After this, the payment gateway settles money with that particular merchant. 

This is how a payment gateway works. 

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